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EAAP Recognised Courses

EAAP may recognise a training course or conference as course to meet the requirements for accreditation as Aviation Psychologist or Human Factors Specialist based on the criteria below. EAAP will only consider recognising courses that are potentially open to all of its members.

  • Open access to all EAAP members (i.e. without enrollment in full programme)
  • Submission and prior approval of the course content (syllabus and learning objectives must be relevant to Aviation Psychology & Human Factors)
  • Submission of course details (including course prerequisites, trainer qualifications, course duration, logistics etc.)
  • Submission of participant feedback from previous courses for quality assessment purposes
  • Evidence for continuous evaluation of the course through a feedback form or similar
  • Provision of a significant reduction of course fees for EAAP members

EAAP will also ask you for organizational details related to sponsorship & registration of the course, course trainers/ facilitators, target audience, location, teaching language etc.

EAAP recognized courses will be included in the EAAP course program and promoted through all EAAP channels.
EAAP does not take any liability of the course quality and does not get involved in the governance of the course.

If you would like to get a course recognised by EAAP please submit your request along with all the course details here.

For any other questions please contact the EAAP Training Manager on .

2020 Courses

January 2020
Webinar:Personality Traits That Predict Behaviour in Pilots

This complementary webinar will provide an overview of effective psychometric profiling and show you how you can use psychometric profiling tools, using...


January 2020
MSc. Human Factors, HF420: Experimentation and measures - January 2020 (Toulouse, FR)

This course focuses on the five main physiological sensors dedicated to measure human performance and mental activity. The students learn the know-how...

February 2020
ERAU: Personality Traits That Predict Behaviour in Pilots - 11th-12th February 2020 (Berlin, DE)

This in-person professional education course will provide an overview of effective psychometric profiling and show you how you can use psychometric profiling...


February 2020
Clinical skills for working with air crew - February 2020 (London, UK)

This two-day workshop addresses the systemic and regulatory challenges in working with aircrew to equip Practitioner Psychologists to match an increasing...


March 2020
MSc. Human Factors, HF430: Advanced techniques - March 2020

The objective of this course is to provide engineers with a high-level multi-disciplinary approach and state-of-the art knowledge to analyze operators...

March 2020
CANCELLED: Training in Basic Civil Aviation Knowledge: 20-21 March 2020 Berlin, DE

This 2-day course is conducted by Dr. Rainer Brorsen atcc (aviation: training coaching consulting) and is targeted at all practitioners without prior aviation...


March 2020
Master Program: Human Factors in Aviation - Coventry University, UK 2020/21 entry

For questions regarding study and admissions please contact:


April 2020
Experto en Psicologia Aeronáutica - April 2020

This 9-month course centres around the development of skills and competencies (for aviation psychologists) related to the maintenance and development of...


June 2020
POSTPONED: DLR Psychological Selection of Operational Staff in Aviation - 16th-19th June 2020 (Hamburg, DE)

UPDATE: Due to the current COVID-19 situation the course will not take place in June 2020 and will be postponed by one year. A new date and further information...

September 2020
ERAU Master of Science in Human Factors (online - various start dates available)

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Worldwide offers a Master of Science in Human factors. During this degree students have the opportunity to pursue...


September 2020
EAAP Online Meeting & Virtual Workshop Week: 28 Sep - 2 Oct 2020 (Online)

As a replacement for the 2020 conference EAAP will offer a series of online meetings and virtual workshops exclusively for EAAP members. All meetings...

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