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EAAP Conferences

The EAAP conference is held on a biannual basis (every two years in the even years). Please find a list of previous conferences below.

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Conference Proceedings

Conference proceedings are published electronically and are ISBN registered.
Access to all Conference Proceedings is exclusive to EAAP members. Please have your login details ready and Members Access Here.

Former conference participants, who are not EAAP members, contact to receive an electronic copy.

Previous Conferences

  • September 2016
    32 EAAP 2016 Cascais, Portugal - 60 Years of EAAP! Thinking High AND Low: Cognition and Decision Making in Aviation
  • September 2014
    31EAAP 2014 Valletta, Malta - Aviation Psychology - Facilitating change(s).
  • September 2012
    30EAAP 2012 Villasimius, Sardinia - Working towards zero accidents.
  • September 2010
    29EAAP 2010 Budapest, Hungary - Performance, Safety and Wellbeing in Aviation.
  • October 2008
    28EAAP 2008 Valencia, Spain - The future of Aviation Psychology.
  • September 2006
    27EAAP 2006 Potsdam, Germany - Accomplishments & Future Challenges
  • September 2004
    26EAAP 2004 Sesimbra, Portugal - Aviation Psychology: Costs & Benefits
  • September 2002
    25EAAP 2002 Zegrze, Poland - Cultural Issues, Safety & Security