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EAAP Recognised Courses

MSc. Human Factors, HF410: Humans at work - December 2019 (Toulouse, FR)

The objective of this course is to provide engineers with a high-level multi-disciplinary approach to understand how to analyze humans at work.
All courses and practicals are taught with a view to apply the acquired knowledge to the aeronautical...

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Webinar: Personality Traits That Predict Behaviour in Pilots, 08 January 2020

This webinar on will provide an overview of effective psychometric profiling and show you how you can use psychometric profiling tools, using real-world examples in pilot selection. We will explore how to read personality profiles and its best...

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MSc. Human Factors, HF420: Experimentation and measures - January 2020 (Toulouse, FR)

This course focuses on the five main physiological sensors dedicated to measure human performance and mental activity. The students learn the know-how of technical, measurements and signal processing issues for each of these sensors.
All courses...

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ERAU Professional Training on Pilot Selection - February 2020 (Berlin, DE)

The course will focus on using psychometric profiling tools to increase the effectiveness of pilot selection and Training. For more information or to register, please email:

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EAAP Award 2018: Dr. Monica Martinussen

The EAAP Award 2018 for outstanding contribution to Aviation Psychology was presented to Dr. Monica Martinussen during the 33rd EAAP Conference in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

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