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Membership Fees

The membership fees are set at the EAAP Business Meeting (General Assembly), which takes place every two years during the EAAP Conference.

The membership fee is an annual fee and applies aliquot throughout the calendar year.
(For example: An applicant whose membership was approved in March pays for the remainder of 9 months.)

Current EAAP membership fees are:

Membership CategoryEarly Fee
(Pay before 1 May)
Regular FeeRetired Fee
Full MembershipEUR 94,-EUR 114,-EUR 47,-
Affiliate MembershipEUR 94,-EUR 114,-EUR 47,-
Associated MembershipEUR 94,-EUR 114,-EUR 47,-
Student MembershipEUR 47,-EUR 67,-n/a
Corporate sponsorEUR 306,-EUR 350,-n/a

How to pay the membership fee?

  • European bank transfer (IBAN/BIC details on your invoice)
  • Online payment - follow the link on your invoice

You can track all open invoices and associated receipts by logging into the EAAP Member's Area.

How to renew my membership?

Invoices for the membership renewal will be sent automatically every year on 15 January.
You are requested to pay within the payment terms stated on your invoice. As per decision in of the General Assembly a surcharge of 20 EUR for individual members and 44 EUR for corporate members will be added for payments later than 1 May.

For any problems with payment of your fee, please send an email to: .

Payment terms

If your invoice remains unpaid, you will receive two payment reminders (May and August) via email each year. If your membership fee is not paid by the end of the year, your membership certificate will expire and you will not longer receive the EAAP journal and other EAAP benefits.

However, your membership will not end automatically if your invoices are not paid. EAAP will keep track of your open invoices and store your membership data until you formally cancel your membership and settle your account.

If you can not pay an invoice on time, please send an email to: .

How to cancel my membership?

If you do not want to renew your membership you should timely inform the by email.

Once your account has been settled (all open invoices paid), your membership profile and all associated files will be deleted.

If you would like to settle your account, please login to the membership area or send an email to: .