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Membership categories

EAAP offers membership in a variety of categories:

  • Full membership

    is open to those who hold a full degree in psychology (Masters Degree), work as psychologist in civil or military aviation, and live within the geographical boundaries of Europe, or in a country which partially lies within these boundaries. They are entitled to participate in all activities of EAAP. For example: work and organizational psychologists, clinical psychologists, etc.

  • Associate membership

    is open to persons who do not meet the requirements for full membership but who are working in the field of aviation psychology and human factors, have work experience in the field, and who through their knowledge and experience contribute to the enhancement of flight safety. For example: CRM/TRM trainers, educationists, coaches, aeromedical examiners, pilots, cabin crew, air traffic controllers, flight engineers, air traffic safety electronic personnel etc.

  • Affiliate membership

    is open to professionals who are interested to apply their knowledge and skills in aviation and who want to support EAAP by their membership. These members currently may not yet meet the requirements for Full Membership or Associate Membership. For example: psychologists, medical doctors, engineers etc.

  • Student membership

    is open to students of psychology who are interested in the field of aviation psychology and human factors. Student members will be kept informed of the activities of EAAP and are encouraged to attend EAAP-conferences and EAAP-courses. For example: undergraduate students (Bachelor degree)

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