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Junior Aviation Psychologist

Accreditation requirements

  • An official degree in psychology (e.g. MA, MSc)
  • Membership of EAAP
  • Attendance of an EAAP recognised aviation psychology related course, seminar, summer school, or EAAP conference
  • Either a 6-months traineeship with a minimum of 50 documented hours of supervision by a psychologist working in an aviation organisation (e.g. airline, Air Traffic Control, training establishment, R&D site) or
  • A successful diploma thesis addressing a specific aviation psychology or human factors related topic.

The final decision lies with the Board.

The benefits from this accredidation include:

  • EAAP support and recognition (traineeships etc.),
  • The opportunity to publish your name and professional background on the EAAP website,
  • The opportunity to avail yourself of the EAAP professional network.

Junior Aviation Psychologists pay 47,00 EUR per year for the combination of the EAAP membership and the accreditation as Junior Aviation Psychologist.

The maximum time span of the registration as Junior Aviation Psychologist is 3 years. At least one EAAP approved course must have been completed during this 3-year period if the Junior Aviation Psychologist wishes to transfer his/her registration into that of a certified Aviation Psychologist thereafter.

The final decision lies with the Board.

How to get accredited?

You have to be an EAAP member in order to be able to apply for accreditation.
Please have your EAAP username and password (Password forgotten?) ready before you click on the link below:

Go to Online Application Form