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Human Factors Specialist

Accredidation requirements

  • Associate membership of EAAP, held for a minimum of 1 year.
  • Relevant professional education in the area of human factors in aviation.
  • Three years (minimum 3000 working hours) experience in applying human factors in one or more human factors specialist areas in civil or military aviation.
  • Having successfully completed two EAAP training courses on different topics of Aviation Human Factors sub areas

Knowledge in the aviation technical field has to be documented by either:

  • Being a technical professional (e.g. flight crew, cabin crew, ATC, engineer), or
  • Having succeeded in a theoretical course examination (e.g. PPL), or
  • Demonstrating to the Board a specific expertise in the aviation field by means of proof like: position(s) occupied, documented achievements and/or publications, official recommendations

The final decision lies with the Board.

The registration fee for Human Factors Specialists is 136,00 EUR. Registration is valid for 5 years.


After a period of five years the certified Human Factors Specialist must re-qualify. The requirements for re-qualification are:

  • A continuous professional occupation in the field must be documented.
  • One EAAP training course in the human factors field must have been succesfully completed within the 5-year period. The Board may accept expert accomplishments instead of credits of attending specific EAAP courses or conferences.
  • EAAP can accept courses at other institutions as equivalents for EAAP training courses, if approved by the EAAP board.

The final decision lies with the Board.

The fee for re-registration is 40,00 EUR.

How to get accredited?

You have to be an EAAP member in order to be able to apply for accreditation.
Please have your EAAP username and password (Password forgotten?) ready before you click on the link below:

Go to Online Application Form