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Honorary Members

According to Article 8 1. of the Articles of the Association a full member can be elected to honorary membership of the association, providing he/she

  • has a seniority of at least 10 years as a full member of the association;
  • has contributed in an active, efficient or influential manner to the objective of the association.

Honorary members are exempted from paying an annual subscription and have the same rights as full members.

Candidate honorary members are to be proposed by a majority of the Board. This proposal must be supported by two full members, who are not members of the Board and who are not of the same nationality as the candidate. Honorary members are to be elected by a simple majority of the members present at the biannual Business Meeting.

The following is an alphabetical list of Honorary Members:

  • Sue BURDEKIN (HM010)
  • André DROOG (HM009)
  • Hinnerk EIßFELDT (HM011)
  • Brent HAYWARD (HM012)
  • Peter JORNA (HM008)
  • Ferdinand RAMECKERS (HM007)