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IMTA 2023 - October 9th - 12th

9 October 2023

Searching on the internet for "aspects of next generation military" leads to multiple hits on topics like Next Generation, Weapons, Aircrafts, Drones, Technology, Equipment and so on. What we don't find is Next Generation Military Personnel. Yet, people are still most crucial in all military operations. For example, the human performance and the ability to deal with challenges of modern warfare, from new technologies, cyberwarfare and Command & Control. Uncertainties and upcoming topcis like possible smaller numbers and more diverse military personnel, challenges on morale and resilience, face the military with questions waiting for answers. Therefore we challenge the participants of the IMTA 2023 to present topics that highlight the challenges of the Next Generation Military Personnel. We believe that the use of psychological knowledge is even more important to meet the challenges of the future as it is already. Therefore we urge you to inspire us with studies and ideas to deal with the challenges for recruitment and selection, training, morale, adaptability to the use of new technologies, effective use of diversity etc to form effective Next Generation Military Personnel that will secure and defend our societies.

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