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33rd Conference: 24-28 September 2018: Call for Papers and Posters

24 December 2017

You are invited to attend and contribute to our conference. Abstracts for paper and poster presentations to be submitted by March 1.

EAAP promotes the study of psychology and the application of psychology and human factors in aviation to the end of continuous improvement of aviation safety and efficiency. The biannual EAAP conferences aim to bring together people working in the field of aerospace psychology and human factors, either as researchers, teachers, practitioners or students. Also people working in related fields, like aerospace medicine, and those with mere interest in aviation psychology are very welcome.

Specialized keynote speakers will introduce the theme. Professionals from universities, research institutions, airlines, air forces, air navigation service providers, airports, manufacturers, maintenance facilities, regulators, bureaus of air safety investigation, and any other players in the aviation system are invited to contribute by paper or poster. Master and PhD students of aviation psychology or human factors are most welcome to contribute as well.

Contributions to the conference may be related to psychology and human factors in both civil and military aviation, including general aviation. Oral papers and posters may be presenting about system design, function and task design, automation, human-machine-interaction, task analysis, selection and training of aviation personnel, workload and fatigue, job/work conditions and motivation, social engineering, human reliability, , mental health, rule making, incident and accident analysis, passenger behaviour, airline and military operations and management, etc.

The already traditional Best Poster Award will be presented again!

So, come and join us next year September in Dubrovnik!

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