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EUROCONTROL - A Life in Pictures: Gretchen Haskins - bringing breakthroughs in safety performance.

5 July 2024

This EUROCONTROL webinar series delves into the lives and careers of inspirational people who have made a significant difference to the safety and performance of safety-critical industries. Our guest is Gretchen Haskins, who will reflect on ten pictures to tell the story of her life. Hosted by Steven Shorrock.

Gretchen Haskins is a board director for HeliOffshore Ltd. and the Flight Safety Foundation. Both organisations are dedicated to global aviation safety. She is an aviation industry leader in safety performance improvement and an internationally-recognised expert in human factors.

Previous roles include CEO of HeliOffshore, and Group Director of Safety at the UK Civil Aviation Authority, Group Director of Safety at the UK air traffic company NATS. Gretchen attained the rank of Captain in the US Air Force and has worked in nuclear certification and safety, joint airworthiness trials for military aircraft, defense system design, and as an expert advisor to NATO on human performance and safety critical systems. She has a strong aviation background, and has flown jet and piston aircraft in the U.S. Air Force.

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