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EUROCONTROL webinar on "Use of Operational Breaks"

26 April 2024

Use of Operational Breaks

This webinar aims to provide a multi-perspective view on the use of operational breaks in the aviation domain. The five presenters will give insights derived from operational experience, empirical observations, analysis of neuropsychological implications, guidance on fatigue management, and behaviour change frameworks. The webinar will provide useful information on prevailing practices, concerns, and good practices in relation to rest breaks in aviation. The webinar may also be relevant to other high-tempo domains where breaks are critical for human performance and wellbeing. The webinar will feature five short talks from different speakers, followed by a Q&A session.


Eric Carter – Safety Analyst and former ATCO (FAA)
Marinella Leone - Human factors expert (EUROCONTROL)
Adriana-Dana Schmitz – Human factors expert (EUROCONTROL)
Antonio Licu – Acting Head of the Network Manager Directorate Technology Division (EUROCONTROL)
Steve Shorrock - Senior human factors and safety expert (EUROCONTROL)

For more information and registration go to EUROCONTROL's Learning Zone and search for "Use of Operational Breaks"

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