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Empowering the Professional within High Risk Organizations

13 November 2023

MaydayItalia and SRMS - Stress Resilience Management System - Associations present their second International Conference, sponsored by the Italian Air Force and held in Rome at the Casa dell'Aviatore on November 13, 2023, with the theme "Empowering the Professional within High Risk Organizations."

As per our tradition, will join us professionals and exponents representatives of different operational cultures, united by the criticality of operations and the cruciality of the human factor in them.

Why a conference on empowerment? Change, operational pressures, criticality of a role that sometimes requires a major trade-off with private life, high responsibilities and expectations are some of the factors that characterize the daily reality of many professionals. We attend courses, workshops and studies that emphasize the stressors and countless pressures they are subjected to.

That's why we decided to focus on the ability to live and operate with gratification and enthusiasm and to discuss how operational culture is itself an opportunity for growth and well-being.

For any business, human capital is the most valuable resource that can orchestrate energies, opportunities and technologies and transform them into excellence. Whether it is a neurosurgery operation, a special forces raid or coordination in an emergency situation, clarity of analysis, perspective vision that draws from experience and decision timing are just some of the characteristics that define a professional working in high-risk organizations. For staff to be ready for the role they are given, they are carefully selected, trained and supported

Culture transforms and shapes the individual and the group he belongs to, and it is transformed by the personalities that challenge and interrogate it: what characteristics must a culture have to enlighten and bring out excellence from its members? How can leadership, teamwork, mentoring phenomena and not least peer support promote a vital and "winning" culture?

This conference is an opportunity for leading figures from academic and operational backgrounds from different geographic cultures and employment sectors to meet, to connect and distinguish best practices and lessons learned from different organizations on crucial topics such as resilient leadership, "positive culture," the balance between team and individual responsibilities, and between well-being and operational challenges.

Exponent speakers from the Italian Air Force and the Italian Police, Fire Department, Navy, and Air Traffic Control will interface with as many experts and colleagues from European, U.S., and Australian organizations. Soon the speakers and presentations'program and timeline will be available.

The congress for those who cannot be present at the Casa dell'Aviatore can also be followed in synchronous mode, english simultaneous translation will be provided.

The event will begin at 10:30 a.m. and conclude at 5:30 p.m.(from 9:30 a.m. registration) Rome time

Registration can be done at the link below or by emailing .

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