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The EAAP award goes to: Klaus-Martin Goeters

27 September 2006

The Special Award was presented to Dr Klaus-Martin Goeters for outstanding international commitment and achievements in Aviation Psychology in Potsdam, Germany – During its 50th Anniversary Jubilee conference, the European Association for Aviation Psychology (EAAP) has, for the second time, presented an EAAP Award in recognition of outstanding achievements of individuals and teams in European Aviation Psychology and Human Factors. The second EAAP award was presented to Dr Klaus-Martin Goeters in recognition of his outstanding contribution to aviation psychology in Europe.

"In Aviation Psychology and Human Factors there is a continuous need to identify champions who lead and manage research, development and application throughout the aviation community. Therefore, the EAAP 2006 Award has been presented to Dr Klaus-Martin Goeters in recognition of his outstanding international achievements and contributions to Aviation Psychology over the last 35 years," reported EAAPs President, Manfred Barbarino.

"I am delighted to be recognised by EAAP, whose members I have been proud to serve for many years as a member of the EAAP board. I thank you for this award and wish EAAP every success and prosperity in the future." -- commented Dr Klaus-Martin Goeters, former Head of the Space and Aviation Psychology Department at the German Aerospace Centre DLR in Hamburg.

For 35 years Dr Goeters worked in Hamburg as a psychologist at the Department of Aviation and Space Psychology, which is part of the DLR Institute of Aviation and Space Medicine. Throughout his career he was engaged in diagnostic psychology and its application to aviation personnel (pilots, air traffic controllers and astronauts) in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. In 1986 he became Head of the Department and retired in 2005. In addition to his work at DLR he was engaged in various international projects and working groups. These included a study for the European Space Agency ESA defining the psychological testing of astronaut candidates for Columbus missions. In cooperation with Lufthansa he managed the establishment of Crew Resource Management training in Germany and contributed to the assessment of non-technical skills of aircrew. He is editor and author of various books on aviation psychology. He was also engaged in the coordination and conduct of training courses for Aviation Psychologists and Human Factors Specialists. Since 1976 he has been a full member of EAAP and became a member of the board in 1991.

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