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31 EAAP Conference: was held from 22-26 September 2014 in Malta themed at:
Aviation Psychology: facilitating change(s)

Latest News and Coming Events:

Friends of EAAP on LinkedIn hitting the 500 members mark! »

The LinkedIn Group "Friend of EAAP" has been founded in December 2010 for all people interested in Aviation Psychology and Human Factors to share... more»

18th International Symposium on Aviation Psychology 5-7 May 2015 Dayton (Ohio) »

Please refer to Pamela Tsang on for further details. more»

EAAP Award Winner 2014 »

This year's EAAP award went to Rob Bruce Lee for his outstanding contribution to Aviation Psychology and Human Factors over more than 40 years. more»

EAAP31 Speech of Maltas Minister for Tourism »

The minister for tourism Dr. Edward Zammit Lewis opens the 31st EAAP Conference. more»

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Featured from EAAP:

New EAAP Board 2014!

Prof. Peter Jorna (EAAP President 2004-2014) and Dr. Don Harris (Chief Editor 2010-2014) stepped down at the EAAP Business Meeting during the the 31st EAAP Conference in Malta. The board would like to thank Peter and Don for all their commitment and dedication to EAAP!

At the same time the EAAP board welcomes Mrs. Cristina Albuquerque from Portugal and Dr. Ioana Koglbauer from Austria as new members of the board!

André Droog from The Netherlands, EAAP Secretary General from 2002-2014, has been elected the new President of EAAP.

Michaela Schwarz (EAAP Webmaster 2010-2014) has stepped up as new EAAP Secretary General.